Thursday, July 23, 2009

Forex Software Tool That Can Help Prevent Errors

Recently, good news was made public for traders about a new tool that can help with online investing. A company by the name of My Forex Edge, LLC, which develops and distributes various forex software programs and foreign exchange trading techniques, unveiled its new Forex Position Allotment Calculator. This tool gives investors a foreign exchange trading platform that helps avoid over leveraging and does away with the fear and greed that comes with online forex trading.
The Forex Position Allotment Calculator uses a special "set it and forget it" feature, which lets forex traders set the buy and sell prices, the stop price and limits without forcing the investor to constantly manage trades. Foreign exchange daytime traders, position traders, and swing traders are currently making use of the new Forex Position Allotment Calculator. According to Milan Stevanovich, the director of My Forex Edge, LLC, mentions that these traders have boosted forex currency trading profits by twenty five percent.
With this new forex software, traders no longer have to handwrite and enter in risk percentages, which means that there is less potential for error. Stevanovich also mentions that, "using the Forex Position Allotment Calculator could save you ten times the amount of an error."
He also claims that the new calculator has a smaller price tag than other forex trading computer programs, costing traders only 97 dollars for the complete software kit.
CONGRATULATIONS & HALLELUJAH - The answer to a trader's prayer! This is without a doubt the most powerful system in the world for reducing the amount of risk associated with Forex Trading.
The hottest new investment concept of the decade has arrived!
-Simple, easy affordable web-based software.
-No trading experience necessary - has novices trading within hours.
- No charts/graphs/research/guesswork, etc...
- Outstanding company/member support
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